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With a shared love for cooking, Peter and Tola (Petola) enjoy hosting friends and family for holiday dinners, summer bbq and picnics. With each gathering, guests would rave about the food most especially the meat and poultry; we would usually get questions about the spices used. 

In a bid to improve on the quality and taste of meals cooked and served at every small gathering, we were excited to perfect the spice blend used for seasoning. What came of this was a special sauce for marinades (the original Strup Sauce).

After years of experimenting and getting great reviews from friends and family, we perfected a unique spice - Strup Spice - which we are thrilled to share with the world. Strup Spice is inspired by a fusion of African and Western Spices to create a unique, spicy, and delicious seasoning blend to infuse flavour into everyday meals. Strup Spice is (and will remain) chemical free - no MSG, fillers, or anti-caking agents. We are committed to using the best ingredients we can source.

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